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SIM Materials

Discover curriculum materials for the Super Powers Senate Immersion Module experience at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate

After years of relatively peaceful coexistence between average humans and the super-powered, a terrorist attack in Tulsa, Oklahoma sets off a public outcry to better regulate those with fantastic abilities derived from genetic alterations, cybernetic enhancements, and magical objects.

The Super Powers SIM allows participants to take on roles of fictional Senators and grapple with complex issues involving human rights and national security in an exciting, fictional universe.

(1) Should crimes committed by or against the super powered be categorized differently?

(2) Are those whose genetics have been modified still legally human?

(3) Should powers or powered objects be regulated, registered, and taxed?

These, and other questions, frame the basis of debate in a fictional universe where the problems and parties are all new and all different, but much of the politics will be very familiar. How Congress addresses the issue of powers at a time of crisis will have major implications for the future of American government, as well as for the future safety of the American people–powered and non-powered alike!

Created in 2017 by the Edward M. Kennedy Institute

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