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SIM Materials

SIM Curriculum - Affordable Care Act

Discover curriculum materials for the Affordable Care Act Senate Immersion Module experience at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate

Protecting the health and wellbeing of its citizens has been a priority of the federal government since Congress passed its first health care law in 1798. Economic conditions, societal norms, as well as technological and medical advancements, have all contributed to the national conversation about health care. Health care reform was one of the key issues during the 2008 Presidential election. Upon his inauguration, President Obama declared his intention to work with Congress to pass a health care reform law. After four months, 31 meetings, and more than 60 working hours, the Senate produced its version of healthcare reform: the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

In this SIM, students take on the roles of Senators from the 111th Congress to debate how and if to provide greater access to health care, including

(1) To what extent will the government require or provide health insurance coverage?

(2) How much of their premiums should health insurance companies have to spend on medical care?

(3) Should health insurance plans be taxed?

(4) Should the government fund programs aimed at reducing smoking and obesity in America? Additionally, students will have the opportunity to address a number of related issues including the status of religious institutions in providing family planning services as well as programs providing coverage for women, children, and undocumented immigrants.

Created in 2014 by the Edward M. Kennedy Institute and Gigantic Mechanic

Reviewed by Brandeis and Heritage Foundation

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