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Program Offerings for Grades 9-12

In-person and Virtual Program Offerings for Grades 9-12

Students attending an exercise

Today’s Vote
Grades 6-12
In-person visit (2 hours) or virtual program (1 hour)
Number of participants: 10-60 students (virtual) or 10-100 students (in-person)
Students participate in a simulated U.S. Senate session and a live floor debate on an actual piece of legislation pending before the Senate. Students will consider the issue from multiple perspectives, share their own ideas, and then cast their votes.

Groups can choose from the following topics:

  • The Electoral College Learn more about the history, function, and significance of the Electoral College and why there’s a movement to end and replace it.

  • The Green New Deal Unpack a plan to reshape the national economy in order to better protect our planet from climate change.

  • Voting Rights Consider national legislative solutions to issues around voter access and election integrity.

Real Life Civics: Traditions and Norms
Grades 8-12
Virtual program (1 hour)
Number of participants: 10-60 students
The values and expectations for those who serve in government are compellingly articulated in our presentation.

Program Information

School Year 2022-2023

In-person and Virtual Program Fees

All U.S. Public Schools

Sponsored in part by the generous support of Commonwealth of Massachusetts

All Other School Groups

$5 / MA student, in-person
$5 / MA student, virtual
$5 / non-MA student, virtual
$6 / non-MA student, in-person

Scholarships are available on a limited basis for qualifying Massachusetts schools

All College Groups

$10 / student

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