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60th Anniversary Event: Balancing Powers

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In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the beginning of Ted Kennedy’s long and impactful career as a Senator, the Edward M. Kennedy Institute will host two virtual conversations highlighting his unique approaches to serving his constituents and his nation.

In Balancing Powers, we examine how Senator Kennedy drew upon his influence and collaborations with 10 presidential administrations to achieve great policy strides, and his work as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee to help shape the U.S. Courts. A panel of former members of the Judiciary Committee, Department of Education, and Staff counsel to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary will discuss the decades-long successes of Senator Kennedy working with presidential administrations to create and support common agendas.

The conversation will include:

Jeff Blattner, Special Assistant Attorney General, Colorado Dept. of Justice, former chief counsel of Senator Kennedy’s staff on Judiciary Committee

Judge Patti Saris, US District Court Judge

Secretary Margaret Spellings, former Secretary of Education

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Additional Resources

  • Against the Wind - Discussion with Neal Gabler

    Join the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, Senator Paul G. Kirk, and acclaimed author Neal Gabler for a dynamic conversation about Gabler’s newest book AGAINST THE WIND: Edward Kennedy and the Rise of Conservatism. The conversation will cover Gabler’s journey in writing the second volume of the magisterial biography of Senator Ted Kennedy in a book that sheds new light both on one of the most revered figures of modern politics and on the origins of America’s current existential crisis.

  • Grace: President Obama and Ten Days in the Battle for America

    Join the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, Board member and presidential speechwriter Cody Keenan, and The Honorable William “Mo” Cowan for a fascinating conversation about Keenan’s latest book, Grace: President Obama and Ten Days in the Battle for America. In one of the most intense periods of Obama’s presidency including the murders of nine Black worshippers in Charleston, South Carolina and Supreme Court rulings deciding the rights of Americans to healthcare and marriage equality, Keenan takes us through the process of finding words to console, elevate, and contextualize these events, and shines light on his unique relationship with our 44th President.

  • 60th Anniversary Event: Working Across the Aisle

    The first virtual program in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the beginning Ted Kennedy’s long and impactful career as a United States Senator will feature key members of Senator Kennedy’s staff and political collaborators discussing how the late Senator pursued bipartisanship to push forward public policy.