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Public Programs

About Our Programs

Getting to the Point

The Getting to the Point series convenes individuals with diverse perspectives to discuss current issues and the challenges our government is facing. Getting to the Point takes on various formats from town halls to keynote lectures and panel discussions, and showcases speakers from all walks of life.

Across the Aisle

This series brings together government leaders with disparate ideologies and from different political parties who are collaborating on a common cause. In moderated discussions, Across the Aisle highlights the type of civil discourse, negotiation, collaboration, and leadership that leads to solutions for pressing problems. The series features members of Congress, governors, mayors, and other elected officials and both national and local issues.

Stone Social Impact Forum

New in 2019, the Stone Social Impact Forum is an annual series that features bold civic change agents who demonstrate the various pathways to tackle inequality, advance social change, and inspire all people to be civically active. The Stone Social Impact Forum is a joint initiative of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate and the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation made possible through the generous support of the James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Foundation.

Special Programs

The Institute produces a selection of programs that offer insight into specific issues and challenges facing our democracy and our society. These programs tackle bold themes, and address important issues such as encouraging diverse leadership, examining the policy challenges facing local leaders in Massachusetts, and using the lessons of history to inform a path forward for today’s policy challenges. Past programs have examined women in leadership as well as peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland. The Institute also specially designs programs for young audiences, including the popular Kid Convention.