Introducing Friends of the Institute

As a tribute to Senator Kennedy's 47-year career, gifts of $47 and up recognize you as a Friend of the Institute.


The Issue of the Day provides visitors with an interactive pathway through the Institute’s exhibit experiences. Visitors will first encounter the Issue as a poll question in Orientation Theater, and the topic will be the focus of activities throughout their time at the Institute.

In the Today’s Vote Program, visitors will get the chance to cast their vote in the Institute’s Senate Chamber on a bill inspired by real legislation related to the Issue of the Day. Throughout 2016, the Institute will feature rotating Issues of the Day, including Immigration, Health Care, Civil Rights, Education, Transportation and Infrastructure, National Security, Energy and the Environment, Economy and the Workforce, and Foreign Policy.


Image of Statue of Liberty represents the Immigration topic for the museum program "Today's Vote"

The United States has been a nation of immigrants from its inception. Immigration policy, or the collection of laws that control who may enter this country, when, and on what terms, has changed dramatically over the centuries. The results of this evolving policy have shaped America’s cultural landscape and continue to be an important topic for our government and our society today.

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