The Office of Senator Edward M. Kennedy

The Office of Senator Kennedy

Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s Office

Senator Kennedy spent almost 47 years serving his state and nation as the Senator from Massachusetts. During that time, he decorated his office to reflect the values, people, and ideas he held most dear. At the EMK Institute, visitors are given an opportunity to learn about Senator Kennedy’s life and career by visiting a faithful reproduction of his Washington, D.C., Senate office. Visitors are invited to explore the stories behind some of the Senator’s treasures using tablets provided by the Institute.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s Reception Room

In the Reception Room, visitors are invited to consider two seldom-seen aspects of Senator Edward M. Kennedy: the artist and the employer. Adjacent to Senator Kennedy’s office is an area reflecting the décor—and the legacy—of the hundreds of staffers who served with the Senator during his almost 47-year tenure. This gallery also contains prints of Senator Kennedy’s own artwork, painted over the years as a restorative form of creative self-expression.