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Conference Committee

Conference Committee

Developed in collaboration with the Harvard Law School Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program, Conference Committee focuses on legislative negotiation. The 2-hour simulation puts students in the role of a member of the Senate or House of Representatives engaged in Conference Committee, the process Congress uses to reconcile differences the two chambers may have on a bill. Students consider issues of policy, and also learn fundamental concepts of negotiation such identifying the core interests of others, developing political empathy, and using creative means to find common ground. In the first installment of Conference Committee students grapple with the Agriculture Act of 2014 (the “Farm Bill”) and the issues of farm subsidies and food assistance programs.

Conference Committee is recommended for students in grades 11-12 and can accommodate up to 32 participants. To schedule a Conference Committee program, please complete our Visit Request Form. For more information, please contact Pre-visit lesson materials are available upon request.