Introducing Friends of the Institute

As a tribute to Senator Kennedy's 47-year career, gifts of $47 and up recognize you as a Friend of the Institute.

Educational Experiences

Students and Teachers

Student Group

Youth Resources

Youth Action Guides
Resources for teens on how to get involved with important issues facing the nation and the world.

The Environment
Youth Action Guide: Climate

Issue Investigations
Explore different perspectives that shape the debate on current policy issues before Congress.

The Environment
Issue Investigation: Fracking

Educator Resources

These resources support and extend our onsite educational programs.

The Citizen’s Senate: Women’s Fight for Suffrage
Use this viewing guide and webquest to help students explore the women’s suffrage movement as told in The Citizen’s Senate: Women’s Fight for Suffrage video and write a news article about the debate over expanding the right to vote.
The Citizen’s Senate: Women’s Fight for Suffrage Video
The Citizen’s Senate: Women’s Fight for Suffrage Teaching Resource

A Seat at the Table
A Seat at the Table Lesson Plan and Resources
A Seat at the Table Project Website

Civic Art Projects
Explore civic themes and student agency with these lesson resources that support collaborative civic art projects

SIM Curriculum
Background materials, primary sources, and classroom activities help students prepare for taking on the role of lawmaker in the Senate Immersion Module and exploring the legislative process.
Affordable Care Act Curriculum
Being a Senator Curriculum
The Compromise of 1850 Curriculum
The Farm Bill Curriculum
Immigration Reform Curriculum
The New Deal Curriculum
Reconstruction Curriculum
Renewal of the USA PATRIOT Act Curriculum
Super Powers Curriculum
World War I Domestic Policy Curriculum

Action Civics Guides
For students inspired by their Senate Immersion experience to take their civic learning further, these guides—based on the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Civics Project Guidebook—help students think through how to design a civic action project related to these policy areas.
Affordable Care Act Student-Led Project Guide
Being a Senator Student-Led Project Guide
The Compromise of 1850 Student-Led Project Guide
The Farm Bill Student-Led Project Guide
Immigration Reform Student-Led Project Guide
The New Deal Student-Led Project Guide
Reconstruction Student-Led Project Guide
Renewal of the USA PATRIOT Act Student-Led Project Guide
Super Powers Student-Led Project Guide
World War I Domestic Policy Student-Led Project Guide