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Just Vote


Just Vote

Explore the Just Vote website with your students. In addition to providing practical information on how to register and vote, the site presents multimedia stories that look at the history of voting rights in the United States, and how we can protect and expand the right to vote.

The Just Vote website examines the following questions:
Why vote?
How does voter suppression work today?
Is voter fraud a problem in the United States?
Who decides who I get to vote for?
How have we expanded voting rights over time?
What would it look like if we all voted?
Will the voting age ever be lower than 18?
What can young people do?

Use the Just Vote Youth Registration Campaign resource to guide students’ exploration of the Just Vote website, help students evaluate voter outreach and registration campaigns from various organizations, and get students thinking about how they can design their own voter registration campaigns to encourage their peers to become voters.