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Educational Experiences

Facilitated Virtual and Onsite School Programs


The Kennedy Institute is offering live virtual programs, facilitated by Institute staff, for the 2020-2021 school year. Participants will join a video conference for an interactive virtual program that invites students to delve into and discuss important national issues. All programs include a pre-program technology check, supporting resources to prepare for and reflect on the program. Programs can be scheduled at least two weeks in advance and are being offered on a limited basis, Tuesdays-Thursdays. You can find supporting materials for these programs as well as other classroom resources in our Online Resources library. The Institute is also offering onsite visits on a limited basis.

To schedule a program, complete our Program Request Form. For help selecting or customizing a program for your student or group, please reach out to

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Virtual Program Offerings

Virtual Welcoming Words

Grade K-3, 1 hour
Number of participants: 10-30 students
Learn about the Statue of Liberty and how she is a symbol of welcome for new immigrants. In this program students will listen to a story about Lady Liberty, think about what it means to welcome others, and work on a virtual creative activity together with an Institute staff member.

Virtual Pathways to Citizenship

Grades 4-8, 1 hour
Number of participants: 10-60 students
Students learn about the challenges facing modern-day immigrants and work together as Senators to build a bill that defines a pathway to citizenship for four groups of undocumented immigrants: DREAMers, farm workers, refugees, and a general immigrant population.

Virtual Today’s Vote

Grades 6-12, 1 hour
Number of participants: 10-60 students
Students participate in a simulated U.S. Senate session and a live floor debate on an actual piece of legislation pending before the Senate. Students will consider the issue from multiple perspectives, share their own ideas, and then cast their (virtual) votes.

Groups can choose from the following topics:

Virtual Today’s Vote: The Electoral College Learn more about the history, function, and importance of the Electoral College and why there’s a movement to end and replace it.

Virtual Today’s Vote: Green New Deal Unpack the plan to reshape the national economy to better protect our planet from climate change.

Virtual Today’s Vote: Mandatory Minimum Sentences Examine a bill that would grant federal judges the discretion to issue sentences shorter than those established by mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines.

Virtual Today’s Vote: Voting Rights Restoration Consider the barriers that people convicted of serious crimes face when they vote. Consider whether incarcerated people should have their voting rights restored after serving their sentence. This topic is also recommended for college groups.

Virtual Exhibit Tour: Lion of the Senate

Grades 8-12, 1 hour
Number of participants: 10-60 students
Join the Institute for a live virtual tour of the Institute’s new, online, exhibit Lion of the Senate. Explore Senator Kennedy’s career and ongoing legislative legacy through captivating images, stories, and conversation. Staff will share deeper insight into the scope of Senator Kennedy’s accomplishments, his passion for the senate, and the Institute’s ongoing mission of civic engagement.

Onsite Group Tours

Grades 6-12, 1.5 hours
Number of participants: 10-30 (including chaperones)
Explore the Institute’s engaging exhibits, dig deeper into the Senate’s history, and learn some of the most significant achievements of Senator Kennedy’s career with an experienced staff member. Then participate in a simulated Senate session and a live floor debate in the Institute’s full-scale recreation of the United States Senate Chamber. The Institute is offering onsite tours for scheduled groups on a very limited basis. Please read the Institute’s COVID visit guidelines here prior to enquiring about a visit. For more information about attending an onsite program, please visit our Admissions Page.

Program Fees

Massachusetts Public Schools

Sponsored by the generous support of The Stone Family Foundation

All other Massachusetts School Groups

$5 / student

Scholarships are available on a limited basis for qualifying schools

All Non-Massachusetts Schools

$5 / student

All College groups

$10 / student

Community or Adult Group

$5 for those under 18, $10 for those 18+

To schedule a program please complete our Program Request Form.