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Educational Experiences

Civic Art Projects

A teacher and student admire a piece of art

Art can be a powerful form of civic communication. Use these cross-curricular lessons to explore civic identity and expression with your students.

Educator Spotlight

art teacher, Mr.Hobin, asists a student  

The Institute is honored to share the work of one of our wonderful educator partners, Mr. James Hobin of the Boston International Newcomers Academy, a Boston Public School. BINCA is a high school in Dorchester, MA serving immigrant students. Mr. Hobin’s civic art lessons helped his students to develop as artists and as civic thinkers. The From Her Beacon project explores one of the most iconic symbols of our national story of immigration and the Notes on the Constitution project invites students to make personal connections to our core foundational document.

From Her Beacon

A Civic Art Lesson by Mr. James Hobin
This lesson from Mr. Hobin explores color blending and shading and invites students to reflect on the Statue of Liberty as a powerful symbol of immigration in the United States. Tiles created by individual students contribute to a collective expression of world-wide welcome. The Institute proudly displays an eight-panel version of the From Her Beacon mural, created by over 150 Boston International Newcomers Academy students, in its upper gallery.


Notes on the Constitution

A Civic Art Lesson by Mr. James Hobin
This lesson from Mr. Hobin encourages students to closely examine the language for the United States Constitution, identify themes, and make personal connections. Students create an artistic interpretation highlighting the resonant text using watercolor, marker, or colored pencils.


Notes on the Constitution Lesson Plan

Review our array of teaching resources. Included Templates:

Civic Art Lessons from the Kennedy Institute

These lessons connect to two past projects at the Kennedy Institute. We encourage you to carry on these projects in your school and community as opportunities to encourage students to examine their civic voices and identify their expectations of our civic leaders.

a poster of Hillarie  

Considering Leadership: A Political Poster Project

Your students can explore ideals of leadership with this political poster project that poses the questions:

  • What are the qualities of a good leader?
  • What are the important issues candidates should focus on?
  • What personal leadership qualities do students possess that might benefit their communities?

Whether students decide to create an ideal candidate, highlight an important issue, or mount their own political campaign for elected office, this project is a great way to get students thinking about leadership, civic participation, and public service.

Considering Leadership Lesson Plan

a folding chair

A Seat at the Table Project

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.”
- Shirley Chisholm

Inspired by Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm’s famous words and life story, the Kennedy Institute launched the Seat at the Table Project in Fall 2018. Through the project, the Institute invited individuals, schools, and community organizations to think about why diversity of representation is vital and what necessary contributions we each bring to the table when we pull up a chair.

A Seat at the Table Lesson Plan

To explore the online Seat at the Table exhibit archive, and find additional resources, visit: