Introducing Friends of the Institute

As a tribute to Senator Kennedy's 47-year career, gifts of $47 and up recognize you as a Friend of the Institute.

Educational Experiences

Future Senator

Ruff Ruffman, a cartoon dog from WGBH's FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman is interposed over the museum's reproduction Senate Chamber. This is where the educational Future Senator program, aimed at Grades Three through Six, takes place.

It’s never too early to get involved! The live Future Senator with Ruff Ruffman! program introduces the Kennedy Institute’s 5 through 11 year-old visitors to the legislative process. Inside our full-scale Senate Chamber, young “Future Senators” are introduced to an issue relevant to kids: whether the US government should require a longer school day. Featuring a segment from PBS’s Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, the program includes “experts” on the issue for kids to interview and time for a spirited debate about what the “Future Senators” have learned. The program concludes with a culminating voice vote in the Senate Chamber, like real senators do.