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February 5, 2020

Youth civic engagement at the Institute

Amplifying the voices of young people through partnerships

By Gina Perille

The Edward M. Kennedy Institute works with a range of partners and community leaders to amplify the voices of young people. This video provides a behind-the-scenes look at an after-school youth engagement session held in conjunction with a special visit to the Institute by former Georgia gubernatorial nominee and former Georgia House Democratic Leader Stacey Abrams.

For this youth civic engagement session, the Institute welcomed attendees from local community organizations including the Boston International Newcomers Academy (BINcA), Chica Project, the City of Boston Mayor’s Youth Council, the Boston City Council President’s Office, University of Massachusetts Boston and the University of Massachusetts Boston McCormack School for Graduate Studies.

Learn more about Leader Abrams’s visit in this blog post.

The Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, civic education organization in Boston envisioned by the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy. Through a range of exhibits, interactive educational offerings, and topical programs, the Institute engages students and visitors in a conversation about the essential role each person plays in our democracy and in our society.