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July 13, 2021

Three ways you benefit from becoming a Member of the Kennedy Institute

We want to thank our readers for their continued support of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate. Perhaps you joined us during a free public program such as our “Getting To The Point” or “Across the Aisle” series. Or perhaps you are a teacher involved with our educational offerings on civic education and participatory democracy. Or maybe you previously visited our full-scale replica of the Senate chamber during one of our award-winning facilitated programs. Whatever originally brought you into the Kennedy Institute family, we want to encourage you to take the next step and become a Member of the Kennedy Institute.

Here are three reasons why being a Member of the Kennedy Institute will benefit you:

Reason 1: Free programming & resources for students and members of the public

The Kennedy Institute offers timely, informative programming that helps people become better versed and engaged as citizens and participants in democracy. Members help ensure these programs remain free and open to the public and live as a digital resource on our website for continued use and discussion. Members also make it possible for students to learn at the Kennedy Institute for free, as they step into the shoes of a United States Senator for a day and understand the importance of each person’s voice in addressing critical issues facing our nation. With your support, we are able to offer these free interactive exhibits and engaging programs that bring in diverse speakers for conversations about the need for finding common ground in our democracy.

Reason 2: Advanced notice

As a Member, you get advance notice of all special events, exhibits, and programs, with the opportunity to register ahead of the general public; this is especially valuable should we ever need to cap registration for a specific event.

Reason 3: Exclusive programming & events

Membership gives you exclusive access to Members-only programs and events, such as our Real Life Civics: Traditions and Norms program. Led by expert staff of the Kennedy Institute, these programs offer lively and interactive explorations of topics such as the filibuster, seniority in the Senate, traditions that have been broken (or redefined) by presidents, and the independence of the judiciary. Access to Members-only programs will give you an opportunity to meet other people who are passionate about participatory democracy and the work of the Kennedy Institute.

Support our mission of educating the next generation of leaders about government, the importance of civic engagement, and the need for bipartisanship. In honor of Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s 47-year tenure in the United States Senate, you can become a Member for $47 a year. Household membership is available for $75. Students and Educators can join for just $25. Your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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